My Worst Habit

One day when I was in the last year of high school, I was studying, then for some reason I raised my hand to my head and started picking at with my fingers, and before I knew it, my hand was stuck up there.

It might seem like a minor problem that calls for a big fat “GET A LIFE”, but I’m afraid it’s worse than what you may begin to imagine. It’s been a seriously annoying problem that it has become a major disturbance for my whole family. I can LITERALLY spend hours on end doing nothing, just picking at my hair, one hair at a time.

Yesterday for example, I had two options: go out or stay at home and work. After all I decided to stay at home, but how much work do you think I had done in the time I could’ve been out? Almost nothing! Why? Because I was too busy staring at the screen and playing with my hair.

Okay, you might still think that I should get a life because I can just stop doing this and get done with it. WRONG. I tried! Believe me, it’s been almost 8 years and I couldn’t get rid of this time-wasting, hair damaging habit. And I can safely say that it’s an addiction, because you won’t believe the thrill I get out of it. Lame, I know, but that’s the truth! When I go to sleep for example, it’s like my hand moves automatically to rest over my head, I have to make a conscious effort to keep my hands tied, and it’s worst when I’m stressed or thinking deeply about something, that is ugly!

Thank God I’m wearing Hijab because this keeps me from doing this at work! Yesterday at home I wore a head band to prevent myself from playing with my hair but I ended up taking it off. I’m using other techniques, trying to be more firm and decisive about and hoping it will work…

Can you relate to this or you’ve never been addicted to anything?

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  1. Just keep the Hijab on in the house too. ya reet we can taste by our hair, that way u could put SHA6A on ur hair. Boom. done 😉

    Do like jedo Alla yer7amo, shalbekee edeeki, o play with ur thumbs, roll them over each other.

  2. i have a worse habit.. when i sit i pick at my eyebrows and i start pulling at them till i look in the mirror and i am walking around with half a 7aajeb.. never shared this publicly haha its more often when im worried or stressed out and well all i can say is yes i can relate and THAnk God for eyebrow pencils haha 😛

  3. My sister’s friend started the same habit when she was tawjihi and she had to wear hijab as a result 😦 she’s 30 now so it’s been over 10 yrs since she started!
    I hope you get over it and once you do let me know…because I need to get over my bad habit…biting my lips :$

  4. I must salute you for your courage!
    i have the same habit for at least 5 years
    it’s called’s a type of OCD…
    I even have some bald patches in my head that i try to hide by wearing my hair back and overing th pathes with th long locks on the sides!
    it’s even worse in my case that i enjoy eating my hair,not all the hair(the white part in the root)!!!
    my therapist recommended two things:
    -always have something to work on with your hands..marrat banateff za3tar akhdar aw bal3ab fil stress balls

    -whenever u pick your hair,record the time,duration,and how u were feeling at that time…after couples of month you will get to define what stresses you out! this is called :COGNITIVE therapy…

    finally,you have to define what is the cause of this behavior,it’s not just about having permenant bald pathes in your hair;i stopped picking my hair to start playing with ingrown hair in my legs with a needle and a tweezer!now i have scars on my lower legs…im currently removing hair by laser to get over this but i think i will always have another area to pick on unless i find a solution…

    if you need any details,help you can send me a mail : g_ruba at

  5. I have been suffering from trichotillomania for years and years. It started when I was 10… then stopped for 14 years. At age 24, I started again. I am now 40 and still going strong.

    I am not Muslim and therefore do not wear hijab, but for at least 5 years I wore a wig. (It was a good wig – most people couldn’t tell.)

    Then I started going it without the wig since. I’m doing OK, but my life is a series of bald patches that I am always working to cover.

    I also pick out my eyebrows. (Hello eyebrow pencil!)

    What is really, really discouraging for me – something I would give anything to understand – is that sometimes I will do really well for months at a time, not picking a single hair out. The hair will grow back in and I will finally go to have my hair done (giving some ridiculous excuse for the uneven growth). No sooner is my hair all nice and fixed up I start picking again and destroy the new style. It occurs to me that there must be something deep inside of my pschye that just can’t allow for me to look nice.

    I will send a private message to you as well, in case you would like to correspond with someone else who shares your dilemma.

  6. WOW!! it seems like this is very common and much more severe in sme cases…

    Ido know people who pick at their eyebrows and even at their eye-lashes!! I think it’s all related

    Anonymous and without name please: Thank you so much for sharing this, it gives me agreat insight of how far this could go. I must adit that there are some details I didn’t share here, for example I GREATLY enjoy splitting up the split end of my hair, but all in all it’s all interrelated and it IS OCD. I’m now more willing to stop this habit and I’ll keep you updated in sha’a Allah…

  7. While I was reading this, I could see my sister picking her hair in the background. It’s really funny [the situation, not the problem].

    I personally cannot relate, I am one of the fortunate who finished Tawjihi without acquiring any bad habits. [I had an episode of not eating while Tawjihi-ing, but food won me over again].


  8. Salam alaikum!

    In addition to all the practical techniques that you can implement (writing down your feelings at the time, wearing Hijab at home, etc), make a lot of dua to Allah (s.w.t) to help you. InshaAllah He will, because Allah (s.w.t) doesn’t give us more than we can bear 🙂

    May Allah (s.w.t) make it easy for you,

    Your sis,


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