Ola & Serene’s Photo Shoot

Today,  Serene and I went on a little trip to a deserted house near our work place. Well, at least we assumed it was deserted since it looked more  of a ruin site than an actual house, besides it’s hard to imagine that anyone could live there with the zillion bugs, some of which I felt like I’ve swallowed, the yard that looked like a snake territory and the insufferable, inconceivably foul smell that kept us from going all the way to the inside of the house. for fear of catching some disease. oddly enough, back at work Mahmoud the office boy told us it was inhabited by crazy people who could’ve shot us. Anyway, it was fun and there was a backyard with trees and a mosque nearby which made it more photo friendly. Here are some of the photos I took, Serene also took some photos and you can check them out on her blog.


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