Private Lives

– When you were first telling me about why you love the Internet, you said that no one has to be alone again. Whoever you are, whatever you love, you can connect with someone. If you want to recreate the Boston tea party while dressed as imperial storm troopers, you can find ten people in the world that have always wanted to do that.

– That hasn’t changed.

– But you have. This thing that you do, it’s not about connection anymore. It’s about an audience. It’s a performance, and you’ve got one eye on the number of hits. You’ve turned our lives into their entertainment. You’re smart, you’re fun to read, it’s okay. But don’t give them this.

So,  are you in for the connection, or for the audience?

8 responses

  1. Ah, human nature at it’s exhibitionist worst. I started for connection, and got it. The audience part was a fun surprise, and I may have to do a little soul searching as to how much it means to me.

    Blogging and FB have been fun social contact when I am stuck in the house working. This week I packed my schedule with get-togethers with people I have met through blogging, and off-line life, so it will be a test of contentment. If I am dying to get back to my laptop, may be a sign things are out of order.


  2. Shmal: it’s from an episode of House

    Kinzi: You know this was a real eye-opener for me, I started asking myself why I’m blogging and if my motives changed over time! I guess I need soemsoul searching too

  3. Ah, Ola, if this is a quote from House, than one must peel away the extreme cynicism that can lead to depravity and re-affirm the dignity of the human soul in communication with others.

    Perhaps the test is in what fruit our blogs bear: does it leave people better, or worse? Does it leave them entertained, or challenged? Does it leave them empowered, or deflated?

    I am fairly confident of the answers for me in that light. 🙂 And for you.

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