Too Beautiful To Live

She rarely smiled, because she was afraid she’d get wrinkles

She never laughed, because she was afraid she’d get laugh lines

She avoided the sun for fear of sun spots

She wouldn’t come near chocolate lest she got fat

She never took a sip of coffee because it could make her teeth yellow

She never ran because it would mess up her neatly combed hair

She never had children because she didn’t want to get stretch marks

She only enjoyed watching volleyball without playing, because she was afraid she’d break a nail

She never drove with the windows down because the summer wind made her skin dry

She never walked under the rain because it would mess up her make up

She never made a funny face for fear of looking ugly in a picture

Actually she’s never done much, because at every step she took she was watching for spectators, an audience that was admiring her every move and that she aimed to please. She hasn’t done much, but she didn’t think of it much either, because when she died, she looked beautiful beyond imagination, and that’s all that mattered.


5 responses

  1. Choices! Choices! And more choices, it is all about what you choose to be in life. What really counts at the end, is when you look back and see the result of your choices. Sadly, there are many people chose to be like “Her [the type of girl you’re talking about]” Perhaps, when she looks back, she will find nothing, a big fat nothing. Because, the beauty a human can have from the inside will last forever, unlike the beauty an individual might have in their appearance, it will for sure last for a short period of time.
    Thank you Ola, that was a very good theme 🙂

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