What do you think this is?

No, it’s not a garbage container, in fact it’s a donation box.  Very obvious isn’t it? Oddly enough some people seem to mistake it for a trash can where they can throw candy bar wrappings, tissues and sales receipts .  It’s funny how some people deal with the world as their dumpster!

This is a box to collect donations for cancer patients, show some respect!

5 responses

  1. والله عيب عليهم.. لكن لو كان صندوق جوائز كان الكل بتلاقيه محترم وبسمي كمان قبل ما يحط الكوبون تاعو..

  2. this is really sad! how we cant differentiate between simplest things, i know that most of people can read, and all of them knew the donations in that box goes to who, but unfortunately we cant differentiate between serious things and joking!! imagine when one of cancer kids saw that box!? what would he think about his society? i bet that an idea will cross his mind, this idea about his society and how they put garbage as donation to help him get better through his suffering with the disease !!

    may god help them ( and i am not talking about cancer patients here)

  3. This represents il tirbayeh and the difference between wlad il 3alam ou il nas ou wlad il shaware3.
    as high tolerance and wide funny horizons that I have, this case represents zero fun and zero entertaining element, and I’d be very glad if someone did it odami, so I could stuff their head next inside the box and teach them what their parents did not, respect.

  4. ” This represents il tirbayeh and the difference between wlad il 3alam ou il nas ou wlad il shaware3 ”

    I couldn’t have said it any better then ” The Lead Zeppelin ” 🙂

  5. They don’t ”mistake” it for a trashcan. They KNOW it’s a donation box, but that does not stop them from throwing their garbage in them. The problem is, if there WAS a trash around, they’d still put it there.

    Eshi bkhzi.


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