My friend’s been telling me about this woman who has two children, pregnant, husband in jail because he owes money to some people and can’t pay them back, she couldn’t get a job because she’s 9 months pregnant and she’s in a real dire need. She told me that she was going to visit her and asked me if I liked to come, but since I felt uncomfortable about it I skipped.

Her family disowned her for reasons I prefer not to discuss here for fear it will make people deviate from the subject. Her father in law couldn’t bear the noise of children in the house so he kicked them out (for lack of a better word) and as I was told he has 2 plots of land that, if he sells one of them, he can bail his son out of jail. I was thinking of taking pictures of the mom and the kids maybe, maybe someone of her family sees them and their heart might be softened. Or maybe the father in law would see that his grandchildren have become a charity case while he’s pinching his pennies at the age of 80.

How could a family forsake their own daughter and let her suffer like this? Even if she did what they consider unthinkable, she’s still their daughter! And how could a man who probably doesn’t have left in his life more than what has already gone be so callous toward his own flesh and blood? What could be so important?

The ironic thing is, it turned out that this woman lived one house away from my home. She’s our neighbor! Now I can ramble on how ashamed of myself I am but no words could do. I mean, someone who’s that needy lived in the same street and I had no idea. The prophet, Peace be upon him, told us to care for our neighbors and help them in numerous sayings that everyone who’s been to elementary schools know. What will I tell him on Judgment Day?

My friend visited her and she told me that she was so humbled by how positive that woman is! She said she has a very strong faith and she’s not afraid of anything and thinks nothing should make her upset as long as Allah is with her.

By the way, her name is Bushra and her family lives in Germany. I thought it could be worth mentioning, it’s a small world you know…

We always say how feeling helpless is the worst thing in the world, by the same reasoning, being able to help someone shouldn’t be the best feeling in the world? We think that we help those people, but in fact they help us because they give us a chance to be human…


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  1. I don’t think taking their pics for charity is a good idea, how would it make her and the kids feel?

    If you wanna raise some cash through your blog count me 1st in line.
    Also I’m sure you are aware of this lovely woman http://madas.jordanplanet.org/
    I believe she deals with or has relations that could help out in those community related issues.

  2. For the time being we’re trying to raise funds for her from the surrounding community, neighbors and the people they know. As for the pictures, it’s not meant for people to see her as a charity case, I thought maybe someone from her family might recognise her. But anyway I didn’t say it was a good idea

  3. Her story is really sad, and her family/relatives’ attitudes are inexplicable. Her husband is at fault as well. Why would he owe so much money to the point of getting himself thrown in jail?!

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