You know you need B-12 when…

Last Thursday I collected a check for some freelance job I did. Somehow, I read on the check that it was from Citi Bank. I went to City mall since the banks there work until 10 PM and on weekends, but there was no branch for citi bank there, so I decided to wait until the next week. I thought there was but it turned out that it was Capital Bank. Likewise, I thought there was a branch for citi bank near my workplace but it turned out to be Capital Bank.

Long story short, I remembered there was a branch for citi bank in Abdoun, so I went their during the lunch break. I parked easily, went into the bank to find that I was the only client there so I was glad to think that this won’t take long. I handed the check to the teller who looked at it and said:

ย This check is from Capital Bank, this is Citi Bank

I don’t know how the words “Caputal Bank” read “Citi Bank” to me, but one’s got to appreciate the irony of the situation. I mean it would’ve been less ironic if it was any bank other than capital bank.

People are telling me to get some B-12. Well, the other day I opened the cupboard looking for something sweet and I completely missed the huge jar of Nutella staring at me, maybe I do need B-12!


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  1. you know what, it happened with me too when I started forgetting. Everybody told me about B-12, but I thought all I needed was enough sleep and I was right. Try it. try to sleep 8 hrs everyday, u’ll see a difference.

  2. Jon the club :D, My doctor told me that mOst Jor.`ians need it (esp. below 45) bkz of our nutrition system, another symptom is feeling an ache in your feet that lasts for afew seconds but painful indeed!

    Take the course and u shall be fine enshaAllah, u`ll need it once/year at most after the 1st time, o salamaaaat.

    * The sleeping tip won`t hurt u either ๐Ÿ˜‰


  3. Ola habeebti, makes me happy there are others like me out there. But I am 50 and blonde…so maybe you should look for B-12!!

    I am just glad you got paid. I waited 90 days for my last free-lance assignment, and then was given HALF the amount of my usual pay. New editor, new deal…they don’t tell you that until 3 months after it is published and you are sick to death of waiting and all your fight is gone. another mag I won’t be writing for anymore.

  4. Hello Kinzi!

    Well actually I faced some problems with that too but thankfully it’s a good and reputable institution so I wasn’t worried about being ripped off, it was just that it was the first time they deal with translators so they didn’t know how things worked. I hate to ask for my money but sometimes you just had to drop them an email with a slightly sharp tone! Of course each time they responded with much respect ad courtesy which made me feel bad about the way I sounded ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. lol I am sorry to hear that u r seeing things, or not ๐Ÿ™‚ I liked ur comment about 8hrs of sleep is too much for a 24hr day. I think you’d slap them senseless, those who sleep 10-12 hrs daily hehe.

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