The Sport CommentatorESS

I’mnot sure what was I thinking that led me to this idea but it sure reminded me of  Rand’s Post. What if there was a sport women commentator? I know many girls, including Rand, could do a great job, so the following imaginary commnentary is only meant as a joke that’s not to be generalized, so all the female football fans out there are advised to take it with a pinch of salt…

“Hello everyone, lovely day here at the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona, we’re here for the long awaited match between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. Lovely weather today but of course you decided to stay home to watch the game, and I know that this might be annoying to your ladies but here’s a tip, a shopping spree could just get you off the hook, if you ask me I sometimes forget I’m even married when I go shopping! so whip out those credit cards if you really wanna enjoy this! [to someone beside her: Okay okay I can see the teams entered the field I was just making a point] ihem, so as you can see the teams are in and OH! Look at those cute kids standing in front of them, I think my uterus just skipped a beat! I have two lovely boys of my own, 7 and 2, the younger looks just like that cutie pie standing in front of Ramos, and look at that girl holding Puyol’s hand, isn’t she precious? I would kill to have a little girl like her, well, not literally of course but, you know what I mean…


So, the game kicks off, the ball is with Messi, you know speaking of Messi I’m not a fan of long hair but it really agrees with his face, he passes the ball to Xafi, great season for Xavi, I really want to like this guy but he reminds me of my ex who was a total jerk! Raul cuts him off but again Iniesta manages to… what! Wait wait, this is all happening so fast! Okay, now it’s with Ronaldo, and you know that shampoo he promotes? Well, the director here is hushing me, okay I’m not gonna say anything commercial!  But you know I wonder when will football players get into the movie scene, it’s weird we don’t see much of that, right? I mean it could be a way to get more women and Americans to watch football, but then I think that.. what? Okay, it seems that someone scored, I think it’s Barcelona and I daresay it’s… Messi, yes it’s definitely Messi! Okay, so here  we go again… 

4 responses

  1. looooooool, now that`s a match I`m willing to hear.
    I shall revisit my decision of no TV if this happens :D.


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