Meet the Elephant in the Room

We live in a constant state of distraction. We move from one thing to another, focusing on one task at a time blocking everything else out, the things we don’t like to think about that is, or the things we like to think about a little too much. Sometimes we’re distracted by trivialities, things so ridiculous like thinking of getting your car a new paint job for no good reason. We listen to people talking about themselves, exalting themselves and they probably don’t know how annoying it is, but then you discover one way or another they are sadly mistaken, and although it becomes more annoying with that piece of information in mind, you decide to keep it to yourself.

Then there are those moments of utter silence, moments where you can hear yourself breath. Moments like those when you lie on the ground staring at the ceiling, then you close your eyes and try to think that by some sort of miracle when you open your eyes again you’ll be in a different time and place and you’ll have skipped all the dreaded steps toward where you want to go. But then you open your eyes again and there you are, still there, the same time and place, the same sounds, or lack thereof.

Yet, at the end of the day, when everyone falls asleep and you try to, you sincerely try to, and then reality and fantasy start to fuse and little by little you enter that hazy state of trance where everything makes sense until you’re shocked back into reality, and you’re forced to meet that elephant in the room that you’ve been shunning all day. You may grab a cell phone and write a message that most of the time you will decide not to send. You may cry, you may curl up and go to another place, but it doesn’t matter, because the next day, you’ll go back to square one, for another day of distraction and a new elephant you know very well, but you pretend it doesn’t exist.


2 responses

  1. I think this is true. That said, I tend to also blv it is relative; amongst people + for one`s-self too.

    We experience such states of mind (+ heart if I dare to add) but we can as well control it to a large extent.

    The elephant will always be there; our “fighting” tools shall be ready too 🙂

    Focus, seeking comfort from trust ones, planning & organizing, … etc.

    Thanks for a good read this morning,


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