Mish Pointless, ep. 6

– Why do we feel good when we laugh? Why does pain bother us? Is it possible that if we focused really hard we could enjoy pain, or is it purely physical?

– Do we all see colors the same way, or does every person see things in a unique way, just like no two people on earth have the same fingerprints? But if it was so, how can we ever know?

– You know the world has become a small village when your cousin sends you a message saying: “I just wanted to wish you a good morning… good night!”


6 responses

  1. about laughter and pain….yeah at the essence it’s purely biological because of the secretion of different hormones in each situation as a result of these hormones we feel good when we laugh (some of these hormones even numb pain) and we also feel pretty shit when we are in pain

  2. I always wonder about that color thing! like what if my blue is someone else’s red? how in world would i know?
    bas lamma tara7t el mawdou3 3ala nas they said i’m crazy fa i don’t ask this question anymore 😐

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