Urgent: Update on Bushra’s case

I hope you still remember Bushra, if you don’t want to go through the previous post let me give you the basics in a nutshell: A pregnant mother of 2, husband in jail for accumulating debt (long story so don’t start to judge) disowned by her family, her father in law also refuses to help them, and now she’s not only due this week she’s also in a critical condition, both her and the baby, and she doesn’t even have the money to cover the delivery costs. Actually, it’s not only about the delivery costs because immediate neighbors can take care of that, but there’s also post delivery care and other things, this woman and her children have nothing.

Now I understand that most of you don’t know me and have no reason to trust me, so I thought it would be more appropriate and easier for everybody if I give you the numbers of the people in the charity through which we learned about this woman, so you can contact them if you wish to help:

جمعية مرج الحمام لرعاية الأيتام

079 67 009 09
078 67 009 09

Please spread the word!


2 responses

  1. Haitham, I think you misunderstood the point of this post. I the previous post I didn’t post any information to collect donations for the lady, but now I’m posting this because she’s in need for more support, and I preferthat peopledo it through the carity not through me, it’s not that I’m upset that peopledon’t trust meor anything, I just think it’s the right thing t do

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