Iron Girl

Like a very good portion of the people in this world, I hate domestic chores. Mainly because of how tedious and time consuming they are. In fact the only one I like is cooking, and I suck at it. Really suck. It’s unrequited love I guess.

Be that as it may, I could hardly believe myself as, out of nowhere, I decided to pull out my wrinkly scarves and iron them all out. Well, actually it wasn’t really “out of nowhere”, those scarves looked miserable and I they limited my attire choices. (Why am I sharing these details? Get to the point!)

So anyway, I took the smoothing iron and set up the stage for this cosmic event, and you know, my mother usually freaks out when I do that because I MIGHT have broken an iron in the past. She couldn’t get over that.

So, with the TV on and a cup of tea to my side, I started the engine and went to work. Surprisingly enough, I found myself taken away with it, fascinated by how those unkempt things were smoothed out just by passing the hot roaring iron over them. Just like that everything was fine and the problems went away. Everything was under control.

Then it hit me. You see, recently I’ve been trying to be less controlling of my surroundings and the people around me. I’m trying to ease up and relax in a way. Just let go a little bit, and thankfully, it’s working! So, maybe that’s it! I was feeling in control of something that was okay for me to control, it was the right thing to do and no one was objecting or talking back.

Isn’t it amazing controlling what little you can control?

I think I got myself a new hobby

10 responses

  1. i thought i’m the only one who got this hobby, don’t be surprised; living a single live can put some challenges that may come out to be fun 🙂

  2. I love ironing scarves, the iron is like a magic wand. But it’s easy because they’re just a rectangular piece of cloth, try ironing something with ruffles and I bet you this attitude will go away 😛

  3. Abed: Mahu frankly I had to do something about it, those scarves won’t irone themselves out

    Mohammad: I think it could be fun to a certain extent but if it becomes a habit think it will start to feel boring

    Dino: My point exactly 😀 it’s like ironing out problems

    Rand: I ironed a couple of shirts too and you’re right, ironing scarves is much more encouraging towards this attitude!

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