Mish Pointless Ep. 8

There are times where I wish life had a like button, like when that cop stopped the traffic to let a woman and her baby cross the street

Whatever opera-like commercials you make, instant noodles aren’t healthy!

مصطلح “العرس الكروي” لازم ينشطب من قاموس التلفزيون الأردني

Cleaning out your desks could make you discover more than you think. It can also make you discover that you haven’t done that in years! (cinema tickets stubs say it all)


5 responses

  1. We all wish a button-life theme … life! It would be easier, and may be just may be boring too after a while!

    Noodles r yummy , malek! kolha amrad sa7ee7, bas .. cheap 😀

    What عرس كروي :S

    Cleaning is a big term/word, abandon it , mashy? 🙂


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