100 Days of Solitude

Day 1

“I don’t want to talk to anyone” She said with an anger of a lioness defending her cubs.

“Well, no one wants to talk to you” He fired back, not even half jokingly.



The line died.

Without a moment’s hesitation, she smashed the phone, fell unconsciously on the ground with her back still pressed to the wall.  She felt an unfamiliar sickening feeling in her stomach, thoughts rushed through her head like arrows in a Medieval war, walls started to close in as she felt the taste of salt and fear on her lips. Then, everything stood still. No voice. No light. Nothing. The only thing she could hear was the sound of her muscles trembling and the unusually fast beating of her heart, not out of fear, but because it was the first time in her life she realizes what it means to be alone.

To be continued, or not…


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