100 Days of Solitude: Day 2

She closed her eyes in an attempt to pull herself together. She took a deep breath, detaching herself from her surroundings, and with one sudden movement she stood tall in the center of the room. The walls retracted, the cascade of mental flashes subsided and the salty taste of unthinkable fear was all but gone as she parted her lips to let out a cry for help.

Nothing came out.

She felt a grip tightening around her throat. She wanted to shout, but the more she tried the more desperate she grew, not because she lost her voice, but because she didn’t have a name to shout. She tried and tried, but nothing came out except a dry cough, and just as she was about to lose her mind in the process, she fell down again.

She leaned back on the wall, and in a much needed attempt to pull herself together again, she closed her eyes. “No more shouting” she decided. She just took a deep breath, left her head upwards, and prayed.

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