Behind the 140 Characters

I had a lovely encounter today, not just lovely but also inspiring. In fact I came to believe that everything we come across can be inspiring if we took some time to think about it!

At first, I summed it up into a tweet, which goes like this:

“2day while walking 3 little girls I dnt know came 2 me &gave me flowers! I think it was the Pooh shirt that got’em. Gotta love little girls!”

You see, this is the fast, easy way to express it. Direct and straight to the point. Now, before I was introduced to micro-blogging through Twitter and Facebook, I used to express this through my blog. Like this:

So, as usual I went for a walk today. This has become such an essential part of my life that I might avoid making plans because I can’t bear to spend two days in a row without any kind of workout. Very refreshing if you ask me, and occasionally something interesting may happened that would make it more interesting, like my run-in with Taj before.

So, as I was walking, listening to Maccadi Nahhas and completely consumed in some pipe-dreams I’m willing to take with me to the grave, I saw 3 little girls standing at the door of some house, fidgeting and buzzing amongst themselves. I thought they were waiting for someone they know to pass by but as I passed by them, they followed me with their eyes, I looked at them and smiled back, and as I was studying the face of the semi-toothless cutie that looked like a girl I know, I was surprised by her other 2 friends approaching me, giving me some pink flowers before the three of them ran back into the house.

Well, my first reaction was that I was touched and it really put me in a different mood that I had to make a conscious effort to get back into my daydreaming. Yet, since  such acts of kindness aren’t necessarily common, I was a bit suspicious, especially as a blast from the past flashed before me, that was when I was a kid like those girls and I gave my sister a bunch of flowers, but they were tarnished with oil and stuff, they smelled horrible! So I checked the flowers out and felt guilty and a little bit silly to assume bad intention by such little adorable creatures. I might not be a fan of flowers but a flower by a kid means the world to me, because you never know what goes through their minds as they give it to you but you can be sure that it’s something pure and innocent just like them. Well, for what it’s worth I was wearing a pink shirt with a big picture of Pooh on it, perhaps that’s it! You know this shirt always scores with children, although adults might react differently to it!

I lost most of the flowers on the way as they were so fragile, but just before I got home I ran into my mother’s friend, she had her 3 year-old daughter with her, so I gave her the flower I had left, so as you see, it goes around.

You know it’s funny how little girls on the street give you flowers or shout “Good morning” at you (that happened too, although it was shortly before sunset), while little boys run wild on the streets, chasing dogs and whatnot. But that’s cute too! Scary when there’s a German Shepherd involved but cute. Surely we can’t generalize; my niece has been terrorizing the poor dogs and cats of the world since before she turned two. Not the lovey-dovey flower type, like niece like aunt!

So, as you can see, there was more to that incident than what 140 characters could take. And this is exactly what this post is about! I know this is the age of high speed and everything, I’m all for that! But does it mean that we stop taking the time to write and elaborate on what we want to express? Do we have to abide by a certain number of characters?

I posed the question before whether Twitter and Facebook restrict creativity, and they do! Micro-blogging is great, but it’s like a quick fix. It’s great for spreading news, sharing thoughts on the spot and picking the mind of the masses, but my fear is we find it too accessible and too comfortable that we stop writing and reading tings that could be way longer than those 140 characters, because that would be a shame. A real shame!


6 responses

  1. that’s so true,
    a lot of bloggers have ditched their blogs after joining twitter and now they are blogging occasionally

  2. That was so lovely act from these little girls.
    I still don’t see twitter as a useful social networking tool. I like facebook because I was able to reconnect with friends that I have not seen for 10 years. And of course for blogging it is the best service in the internet after google.

  3. I really hope blogs won’t just wither and die! I love blogging… If I had to choose between keeping my blog or my Twitter account, I’d go for my blog!

  4. عارفة شغلة…في ناس كثير بتقارن بين كتابة كاتب وكتابة شعر….كتابة الشعر بكون الها تعبير لحالة معينة أو شيء…وممكن تكون مؤثرة ..ولكن لا يمكن أن تغني عن كتاب كامل….

    nice idea…I liked the first aesthetistic paragraph 🙂

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