The Greatest Machine on Earth

50 years ago, studies showed that humans use 50% of their mind’s ability. 10 years later, they said it was only 40%, then the number kept spiraling down until it reached 10%, which was huge compared to what latest studies show, which is that we only use 0,01% of our mind’s ability.

But here’s the good news, it’s not because we’re getting stupid by the hour, but rather because scientists keep discovering year after year that the mind’s ability is bigger than we know or have known before. And really, it’s not very hard to believe, I mean look around you! How could someone invent something as complicated as a micro-chip through which you can talk to anyone anywhere in the world? It’s all about exploring your mind and pushing yourself to the limit.

I think we all can relate to a situation where we had to push our limits because of fear or competition. Actually it happened to me the other day. As some of you may know, I work as a subtitler, and among the shows we translate is Martha Stewart’s show. For some reason, that show takes us ages to finish and nobody seems to know why. So the other day my friend and I decided to compete, whoever finishes 5 minutes first gets to carry out a certain stipulation which was to go to the other office and beg for money. I started working as if my life depended on it! Suddenly I was no longer focused on the show itself but on not begging for money. Long story short, I lost and I did go beg for money, but the thing is: we worked so fast just like we’d work if it was any other easy program. So, we could do it, we just didn’t want to.

I believe you can set your mind to do whatever you want. For example, I’ve recently come to the conclusion that writer’s block is a huge myth. There’s no such a thing. You either want to write or you don’t. I used to think that I have a writer’s block (Although I still can’t officially call myself a writer) but when I forced myself to write and tried to squeeze my mind the thoughts flowed in.

Here’s another interesting piece of info: From age 0 to 2, a child’s has 100% of his creativity, between 2 & 7 however, that percentage plummets down to a mere 2%. Why? Well, just try watching a mother or a father walking around with their child. “Don’t touch this” “leave that alone” “Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!”. Tip: stoop to the child’s level, engage them in whatever you’re doing, try to understand why they do whatever they do.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a healthy body and a healthy mind go hand by hand. Skipping breakfast, smoking, consuming too much sugar and processed food, lack of sleep, etc. All that could be damaging to your body and mind. Another important thing is exercising your brain. There’s a great brain exercise which is to count from 100 to 0 backwards in multiples of 2, 4, 6, etc. Doing crosswords, Sudoku or any kind of games that require picking your mind is a great exercise too.

It’s truly the greatest, most ingenious machine in the world, one of God’s greatest gifts.  The human mind is probably the one thing whose value increases with usage, so go ahead! Consume it, don’t just keep it for the worms…

**Inspired by a lecture by Dr. Ibrahim Al-Feqi


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  1. Very interesting ola.

    By the way. We guys here in this country most of time choose not to function our brains completely. We prefer not to think. But when needed our brain can function 100%. lol

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