A Day in Histroy

On 31-5-2010 at 4 am in the morning, Israeli military forces attacked a fleet of aid-carrying ships heading to Gaza, dubbed the Freedom Flotilla, aiming to break the siege that Israel has been imposing on the Strip since June 2007. The attack resulted in killing at least 20 people, injuring dozens of others and the mass arrest of the passengers. The Flotialla was attacked in international waters, 150 kilometers from Israels’ territorial waters.

Despite the unproportional response, the international community was in shock; for attacking a convoy of civil ships whose passengers consisted of unarmed peace and humanitarian activists was out of the question, for no matter how low Israel has been known to sink, few seemed to expect it to stoop that low. It was undoubtedly a slap in the face of freedom and justice which both seem to be the least of Israel’s concern.

Naturally, Israelis tried to rationalize their way out of it, even daring to claim that their forces were attacked by Flotilla passengers which they called a “bunch of terrorists”. Well, it’s hard to buy such a pretext considering the world hasn’t known too many unarmed, humanitarian supplies carrying terrorists, not to mention Israel’s notorious history of lying and their well-earned reputation for victimizing themselves. Of course Israel’s warplanes and live ammunition could only further validate the argument.

Piracy, state terrorism, war crime, massacre, you name it. There’s almost no criminal description that wouldn’t fit this atrocity. Israel has always been known to be a country that’s above the law. Whenever you think there are no lines left for them to cross they’ll surprise you by crossing lines you didn’t even think can be crossed, and by attacking Flotilla Israel did just that. For years Israel has terrorized and massacred hundreds of thousands of innocent people in cold blood, and somehow they managed to get away with it by some lame pretext and a few buzzwords, and even get international support. Yet, what Israel did this time was unprecedented, because they were blatantly criss-crossing international laws and throwing them to the wind, openly challenging all that is humane and morally acceptable. Israel’s arrogance and slef-righteousness have exceeded all limits.

The day went on to be known as Freedom Day as a tribute to the brave men and women who came from all over the world to challenge the siege and bring justice to the people of Gaza and those of them who lost their lives in the action, and as I write this now I can’t help but feel that this is a day that will be a milestone in history. It’s the kind of day that changes the course of history, and if not, at least we can hope it changes something inside each one of us who were witnesses to this injustice that left a scar in the face of humanity, and a hole in our hearts.

2 responses

  1. This day will hunt many people for the rest of their life, ,
    some for ingonrance…others for being helpless…

    The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict” M. L. King

    إنالله و إنا اليه راجعون

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