100 Days of Solitude – Day 4

She built those walls, not because she wanted to shut people out, but to make sure only the worthy came in.

Nobody seemed to be worthy enough. But then, day after day, a sneaking suspicion grew in her mind, though hard she tried to deny it, that maybe it’s not them who weren’t worthy enough, maybe she just wasn’t worth it.

Battered, she couldn’t decide. But one thing she knew for a fact: she made herself a prisoner inside those walls, and now she must destroy them.


8 responses

  1. No.. She should never lose faith in herself or in her choices.. She’s better wait and be more patient.. And someday she will find a worthy person..
    Never underestimate a decision you made.. ‘Cause you thought about it before declaring it..

  2. If you “built” your self into walls you don’t give the opportunity to other people to see the “light” into your hurt! Leave this light free and then you become yourself free out of these “walls you built”

  3. I prefer to live on my own than having people who are not worthy.. I really can’t bear unworthy people.. They will only add extra galag to my life.. And I am sure there is at least one person who is worthy..

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