I Love…

Feeling extremely sleepy when having nothing to do

Having a harmless object thrown at me by a friend for saying something absurd

The dialogue box saying “No errors found” when I press F10 (Poliscript specific)

Checking my email in the morning to find an email from my sister titled “Zozo pics”

Being at home

The unspoken “I told you so”

Date molasses دبس التمر


Little girls wearing dressed and walking around like penguins

Remembering random things in public and trying to hold back on laughing or pretending to be reading a text message and laughing at it

Thanks AlmondJoyce for the writing exercise! It’s always fun to find an excuse to write about things you [insert feeling here]


6 responses

  1. Hey! I love pharmacies too! All those little bottles of lotions and potions.

    I am particularly fond of sugar molasses, but date will do in a pinch. Have you ever had molasses cookies? Mmmmmm.

    Thanks for doing the tag, Ola!

  2. Hey isn’t the new Pharmacy 1 elli b share3 Makkeh like a dream? I love little ones let alone the huge ones! I could wander the isles checking out the different vitamins and whatnot forever.

  3. Abed: Negative energy mish ma3gool!

    Rula: The cutest thing on earth, no? 😀

    Almond: molasses cookies? the name itself sounds like a dream! 😀

    Rand: You should see the Pharmacy1 that opened near my home! It’s so big that it even has an ATM lol I love it, when I’m there I’m like a kid in a candy store

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