For the Love of Horses

“الخيل معقود في نواصيها الخير إلى يوم القيامة”

حديث شريف

” There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man”

لماذا تركت الحصان وحيداً؟ ـ لكي يؤنس البيت، يا ولدي، فالبيوت تموت إذا غاب سكانها


11 responses

  1. Almond: I used to ride them (Not professionally) but it’s been a while since I last rode a horse, but if you want to you can do that where I took those pictures: Amman Horseback riding center in Sports City. You can subscribe for a course (8 lessons for a month) or you can go there on Friday, that’s the only day they let non-members ride horses, it costs 8 JDs as I heard

  2. Rula: that one looked violent, banging his head up and down and trying to open the door of the stall, but when you approach him the right way he could be really friendly

    Rand I’m sooooo #Gpreding you!

  3. Just today my cousin told me about another horseback riding club in Marj Al-Hamam called Al-Asayel, he said he wants to volunteer there and it seemed like a great place when he described it and described how they take care of the horses there, better than this club. We even started planning/dreaming of chipping in and buying a horse there 😀

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