100 Days of Solitude – Day 5

“Why does loneliness have to hurt?” She thought to herself. Isn’t it with the companionship of others that we expect to be hurt the most? And don’t we all crave loneliness one time or another?

All the rationalization didn’t seem to help as life seemed like a vague, dark mile that she has to walk alone. Ironically that visual held the answer to her question, and the key to her salvation.

Loneliness doesn’t hurt. It’s the underlying thought of it lasting forever that make people lose their minds.

She looked up again, and a liberating sense of euphoria washed over her.

“I’m never alone”


2 responses

  1. Loneliness can be a “very” good friend sometimes. These “sometimes” are growing in popularity these days. Why so?! I don`t have a definite answer.
    So -for me- she is experiencing some sort of a valid dilemma, a circle of life that is so powerful and confusing.

    I`d love to know how she will break out of it, safely and sanely!


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