Well, I’m not the biggest fan of flower and roses but this one is a special case. This was a mother’s day gift. It blossomed only once before and wilted quickly. One da after my mother left to Abu Dhabi, leavin this Gardenia plant near the window and reminding me of watering it every once in a while, I found this big blooming white Gardenia flower.

So, when I told my mother on the phone she seemed really happy, which makes me wonder at how much mother’s instinct makes them love taking care of things, even plants. Lat time she was away I runied a large plant which was creeping across the living room’s wall and was a source of pride for my mother. Really beautiful plant! I accidently cut it and then taped it back together, believing it would weld back together! Few weeks later its leaves turned yellow and dry.

Actually I remember someting funny about Gardenia. One time my friend Sarah who’s quite a classy lady came in to the office smelling a gardenia flower, and said: “I love gardenia! just yesterday I was telling my mother that I felt lik smelling a gardenia flower”. So, my other friend and I looked at her and were like: “You really feel like smelling flowers? We feel like having muffins for example, but smelling flowers? Nah, too borgois for us!”

This was a random post since I haven’t blogged in a week. Have a nice weekend everyone!


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  1. It’s fascinating how everlasting fragrance of gardenia brings joy and peace in your home. It reminds you the sweet and unforgettable thoughts of your mother. Gardenia can strengthen the relationship even though the communication is a distance apart. You keep on believing in what is right. That’s the true sense of love!

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