Good Sportsmanship روح رياضية

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So today I heard this story about two Jordanian guys who got into a fight that left one of them with a scar that will perhaps stay with him all his life. The reason: they were cheering two different teams in a World Cup match.

Now, I’m trying to think of more ridiculous things to brawl over, let alone spilling blood, and honestly nothing comes to mind and I’m pretty sure there few things that are as absurd.

The thing is: it’s a sport, if the team you’re cheering for wins, you gain nothing, it makes you feel good but there’s really nothing in it for you. Likewise, if the team you’re supporting loses, you in turn lose nothing. Why? Because you’re not cashing in on the reward and major teams won’t be fighting over you because you weren’t in the field demonstrating your great talent, you were just sitting somewhere screaming at a screen and cussing out players who most probably would live and die without knowing you ever existed. And, at the end of the game those players will congratulate each other while you will take it outside with the guy sitting next to you.

Football is, after all, a game. A global game that’s supposed to bring people together because they all appreciate some fair and entertaining play, it’s not a war, and even if at times it would look like a war, it’s not your war!

So, chill out, kick back and enjoy the game, and may the best team win!


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