Mish Pointless – Ep. 9

So, what would people lose if they parked their cars properly instead of occupying two parking lots especially on a busy day at the mall where finding a place to park your car is like looking for an empty table at American Bakehouse on a Friday morning…? 

If you have a little baby, there are few things you might need to give up, say… SMOKING!!

 So, does Arabic drama reflect the Arabic society or is it the Arabic society that imitates the drama?

And a complementary Mish Pointless photo… Ramadan Kareem!


2 responses

  1. 1. They lose their high ranks as respectful dorks in the dorkyland.

    2. Smoking…Allah yeb3edna Amen.

    3. Our society is full of real drama and our people LOVE drama, they can’t live without. Period.

    Picutre: ahlaan ramaaadaaan !!

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