For the Love of Animals

It’s a universally acknowledged fact that kids love animals, but for Ghazal, my 3 year-old niece, it’s not only love, it’s a passion. You can see it in her eyes when she sees a cat, a dog or a horse; she simply loses her mind. So, that’s one major reason why we went on what turned out to be an eye-opening trip to discover the reality of zoos in Jordan.

First, we went to Jordan Zoo in Madaba street. Well, let’s say we weren’t very impressed.  That’s to say it was disappointing to see the Lions and the Jaguars lying asleep looking like carcasses, didn’t seem to be getting optimal care if you ask me. Can you imagine meeting the black majestic jaguar face to face only to have that experience ruined by the exhaustion and possibly lack of care that seemed to have their toll on the big, incredibly gorgeous cat? Well, if you don’t get the picture here’s what it looks like:

Anyway, after that we went to another zoo in The King of Bahrain’s forest, Ghamadan Zoo, and I must say that was impressive. Healthy lions, growling cheetas, a guide to show us around –especially that we were the only ones there as it was 1 hour before Iftar-. What really impressed me is the way the guide, who’s the zoo keeper, deals with the animals, which is good for the animals themselves because he knows them and they know him so he doesn’t need to resort to violence like what happens when they change the zoo keeper every couple of months, especially after anesthetizing the animals was banned in zoos.

It was also nice to see that almost every animal has a name, and they answer to their names. There’s Laith the Lion, Jaber the bear, Ward and Wardah the cheetahs and their daughter Zahra, Sa3eed and Su3ad the Baboons and their daughter Sa3dah. It’s also worth mentioning that the zoo was pretty clean and the animals too, and no it didn’t smell bad!

I tried to take some pictures but the cages and bars weren’t helping. Here’s some of what I came out with, from both zoos…

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  1. Beautiful pictures!!! Sometimes animals are our best friends. I have a little dog which is my best company. If i feel sad always look at me with his eyes and then sadness is gone:))

  2. We are talking about the same zoo.Ghamadan zOO.Forget about my clip, take another look at the pictures you took as see how depressed those animals look. The pictures in my petition and video clip were taking on 2nd of Aug and 29th of Aug 2010. Do you think a bear or 9 cubs living in such a tiny enclosure a pleasant experience?

  3. Well, frankly I thought the animal would fare better in open spaces too instead of being locked up in cages. Anyway, I think I have some good news for you, there was an inspection the other day at Ghamadan Zoo and I think some animals were taken away

  4. I am not entirely against but just to have them in small cages that doesn’t even offer them 1% of their natural habitat is jut cruel. The zoo is nothing but a display of the zoo owners’ treasures.
    Which animals? Princess Alia’s Foundation, God bless her, confiscated an Ostrich, the hyennas and few lions for other zoos. The two small dogs you see in my clip were rescued too and sent for adoption.

  5. i’m alike if you’d compare your daughter to me . i have like this insanely good feeling when it comes to them. do you like bats? i have no personal friendes who do but… my country it isnt normal to see a bat flying around in the day. one was behing our classroom blackboard and i saw. when my teacher came to the class i opened my huge mouth and told her! why? i have no clue but she killed it!!! i got all defensive i dont care but it should have bit her if she was going to do that! and i would have stood there and then laughed out loud! ialmost cried. animals are my weakness. i’ve had parrots, i have 4dogs and a cat. if u know that its living, don’t hurt it!
    n.b. my smallest dog, is mixed puddle and boy is she strong. i was playing with her and she clapped my hand in her mouth but the thing was that i didn’t feel anything when the skin tore away b/cause of her weight!…….love ur animals…!

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