How to Lose a Home

A while ago, my cousin told me he was doing his graduation project on homeless people. He would grab a camera and go to downtown, photographing and chatting with several homeless people. I found the story quite intriguing so I asked him for the photos after he was done with them.

But then I couldn’t help what wonder: how does someone become homeless? Literally without a home. No place to stay. No roof above their head. I mean, what does it take to be out on the street? An ungrateful son? A family catastrophy? How does a person reach a point where they don’t have anyone to provide them with a home? And if they really had no one, isn’t it the responsibility of the government to provide shelters for those people? Especially elderly people…

Just innocently wondering, please don’t get me right!

More photos here

6 responses

  1. I have experienced homelessness myself and now do volunteer work with homeless men as a chaplain in Australia.

    Often there is a mental illness or an addiction that causes homelessness. However its not the majority of the time. Some of the causes I have heard of men becoming homeless are,

    *Man had terminal cancer, landlord found out and kicked him out, not wanting him to die in his property.

    *Man broke both ankles jumping from 2nd story balcony to get away from girlfriend who was trying to stab him… broken ankles meant he couldnt work… no money to rent.

    * Man hurt his back badly at work… took 3 years for workers comp to come through…. lost his house because he couldn’t afford repayments.

    * Man seperated from family because they lost their home to the bank. Wife and kids taken into a womens refuge… no place for him so he lived in his car for 3 months.

    * Man moves interstate after being called by an old boss for work. He spent his money moving up and into a motel… 2 weeks later his boss dies of a heart attack 2 days before he is to start .. he loses his job to another contractor and finds himself sleeping under a bridge.

    *Man has his hand nearly cut in half by his wife who went crazy with a meat cleaver… had no where to live once he came out of hospital.

    * Young Islamic man (21) comes to australia to live with relatives. He suffers a stroke, was in hospital for 3 months, released back into care of relatives who find him to hard to look after and dump him on steps of hospital… hospital contacts homeless shelter where he was to stay for 14 months where he recovered … he has recovered enough to live on his own in a flat now..

    These are just a few stories that is happening in Australia. Its a huge issue accross the world and thank you for bringing this subject up. I believe both the government and individuals within society have to work together to fix this problem.

    You can read more of my own personal story here

  2. wow, I really am an innocent (read habla) had not imagined Jordan having a homeless population! (in my defense I never saw people sleeping in doorways). So how does one end up homeless? What happened to the extended family? and are there homeless shelters in Jordan?

    Oh and Ramadan Karim Ola 🙂 hope it’s going well.

  3. Craig: that’s perhaps the most interesting comment I’ve ever had on my blog! thanks for sharing

    Laila: I was surprised too, it’s like when you know something but don’t believe it! Ramadan is great! Hope it’s going well with you too 🙂

  4. Wallahy ya ola there r so many stories out there that would make any1 devastated! 😦

    I thank @Craig 4 his gr8 words and 4 his efforts.


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