100 Days of Solitude – Day 8

Sometimes life offers itself to you. It comes in any shape or form, in things unimaginable, in things that make you question whether you’re living or just existing…

Those are the moments that generate the most regret and force you to make the hardest of choices

Those are the moments you don’t want to miss out on

In her solitude, she longed to some strength to make a choice

She longed for help, maybe a small push

But she knew deep inside that she must make the choice alone


2 responses

  1. 3ola, is she gonna keep on Procrastinating like that?
    Awaiting for some”thing” to happen.

    May be it IS happening, but she is over-looking it deliberately?

    I`m failing to connect the dots 🙂 + 😦 ,, may be just may be b/c it is “only” day 8 so far!


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