Bookmark This

Who doesn’t love a nice bookmark? Not cyber bookmarks (also known as Favorites on good old IE), but the actual pieces of wood, paper or whatever material used to mark the page you’ve reached while reading a book. Yes, that’s a definition for you!   Beat that, Webster!

I also happen to think that bookmarks make good souvenirs, which gives more sentimental value or connect them to some time or place in my mind. There’s that part when I want to read a book and I set to choose a bookmark for it, either from the ones I have or a new one, occasionally. The bookmark has to befit the book, mix and match if you will!

So, here are my fave. five. Well, actually they are six but I said Five for the sake of alliteration…

This one dates back to college days. My friend Manar brought me this bookmark as a souvenir from Spain

This one is a handmade bookmark that my cousin brought back with her from the States, another souvenir

This one I bought in Souk Jara from a young woman who makes quite creative handcrafts

This one my friends at work got me as a gift along with a gift voucher from Virgin MegaStore. On the back it read: This is Henry the Hound, he tends to sleep when he reads.

This one is just cute. I bought it with two books with the gift voucher

This one I bought when I was in Abu Dhabi from Jarir Bookshop. It’s quite creative and untraditional, but the best part is: it’s made of recycled materials!

Update: the newest addition to the group. Bought it in place called Jara in Rainbow Street

Do you have any favorite bookmarks?


9 responses

  1. loool
    nice ones Ola, liked #4 the most ana 🙂

    I have a bunch of`em too, my sis in-law used to make me very very nice ones (she was 7 or 8 when I got my 1st one) 🙂

    Sadly I don`t have them with me, I left them all in Jo.

    U r always creative posts`er 😉


  2. thx! I thot u pay yr commentators! laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa2, lol
    th thx goes to u 3ola :), really.

    EnshaAllah when I go home I make a post bwt it 🙂


  3. I love them too :yai:
    I actually made one out of jeans, it looks cute, with a black ribbon on top 😀
    I love buying them, m3 eno they tend to get lost with all the ka7akeesh I have o-O

  4. I also love bookmark and I’m in love with them.Especially the first one (the one from the spain)….
    5 years ago one of my teacher had given it to me from Spain…but unfortunately I lost it last year 😦
    and I want it back……I’m sooo upset…. 😦

    thank U for posting this photo…atleast now I can see the photo and be happy!!!!

  5. Hello….may I ask U something plz? Will U plz ask ur friend from where in Spain did she get the bookmark?I really wanna buy it again because it’s my favourite.And I just cant forget about it.Whenever I read a book,it always reminds me of my bookmark.Plz do this favour to me plz plz plz plz.I’ll be very grateful to U!!

  6.’s ok sister…. thank you for replying. I’m so glad that you replied.
    I had sent you a friend request in your facebook….

    Thank you and I hope one day I’ll be able to buy a bookmark just like that one 🙂

    Take care and stay cool!!!
    Khoda Hafez 🙂

  7. I loved how you listed the origins of the bookmarks and a little bit about them. I had three favourite bookmarks, but recently I dropped one of them on a bridge. To my misfortune it fell through the crack and down on to the busy road below it. Haha. Needlessly to say, I never saw that bookmark again.
    I loved how you had fancy bookmarks and then pretty normal plain ones in your favourites list! C:

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