100 Days of Solitude – Day 9

But… it hurts

Well, it doesn’t really hurt. It’s just that something tightens inside, or snaps, and then you feel like existence is nothing but a burden. Surely, you know better, you know that very well, but when it comes to that point where it hurts even to breathe, you need to make a conscious effort to be strong enough to endure it

Perhaps it’s the worst feeling, perhaps not. However, it doesn’t feel so great when it goes away. It just feels like a brick was lifted off your chest, but left a huge void in its place

Here, a voice spoke to her, it sounded so distant but she could hear it very clearly, as if it were whispering into her ear…

Wait, and Believe.


6 responses

  1. Hi Ola, for a start I’m a total stranger, we have never met in person, nevertheless I might be the only person alive who have read almost every word you’ve wrote in this blog (and the previous one).
    Major point is that I can never thank you enough for your existence, your dignity, your soul, and your words, cause they have inspired me and lighted my path in some issues.
    keep up the good work “Wait, and Believe”, be happy and god bless you.
    Thank you & happy eid 🙂

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