Kodak Moments

This post has been on my mind for some time now, ironically though I decide to write it down at last on the same day my sister and her daughters left Jordan back to the UAE.

You know those moments that you wish you can freeze and keep a still copy of them forever? Well, a camera might do that, but sometimes even a camera can’t capture all the magic and meaning encompassed within that time-frame.

I remember when I was a kid I decided to open a file in my head to try and keep certain images in it. Not necessarily special images, it was more like an experiment. And to this day when I give my mind the signal to re-open that files, the images come pouring one by one. Well, I have to admit I might have forgotten one or two, but for the most part the mental file is still there.

But there are some moments that in deed need to be archived, which is why I think that the catch phrase from Kodak ads “Kodak Moments” is a brilliant one. It’s a moment worth capturing.

If I’m to choose one Kodak moment I would say it was about just over a month when my sister was busy and my mother was asleep so I had to take care of both my nieces alone for a very short time of course (Having to do that for more that 15 minutes is torture I tell you!) So, it was for less than 10 minutes, the little one, Jana, who was about a month old or so at the time was crying so I had to carry her and walk around. While Ghazal, who’s 2.5 years old was following me around so I had to find a way to control her while I was carrying Jana. What do I do? I started singing “toot toot” as in the sound of a train and motioned for Ghazal to follow me and sing along. So, basically I was there holding my 1 month old niece followed by my 2.5 year-old niece singing toot toot around the house in the dark sometime around midnight.

That’s my favorite Kodak moment, what’s yours?

3 responses

  1. U know 3ola, I read this earlier, thought of a lot, had mAny kodak moments… Allow me to share this special one here…
    Before doing so, just wanted to say that yr “moment” is ,,well nice 🙂 and also gr8 one to REremember .

    Bwt mine; when I was diagnosed with diabetes -some 13 years ago-, my little brother -الله يرحمه و جميع أموات المسلمين- came to me one day with a bar of chocolate, he had already broke it into 2 halves and handed me one (the smaller one naturally ;), he was 9 yrs at the time) “he gave me the smaller one as a game we used to do when snacking” I told him I can only have a very little amount, he wondered why! I tried to explain to him, he didn`t get it. I finally told him that my body “blood” can`t take the same amounts of sugar /sweets/ .. no more. He nodded and just went away with the 2 halves.

    The very next day he came to me with his hands behind his back, when I asked him what he has got in them, he showed me some sweets in one hand and a handful of salt in the other. He gave them both to me and said: “now we can eat together as always” , it broke my heart with joy, know that feeling! 😦

    That must be my #1 kodak moment if I ever had to make a choice bwt it.

    *He passed away in 2006, may be that`s why I hang on to that “moment” thE most.

    **sorry 4 being too peronal on yr space.


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