نحو أردن خالي من التخلف عام 2000

People might have different and even clashing opinions about the things a country need to achieve in order to be able to call itself “civilized”, yet there’s no doubt in my mind that one of those requirements is that a girl, any given ordinary girl, could go to a place whose main purpose is to provide an open space for the public to work out and have a change of air without having to deal with harassment and stupidity pitched at her by some random jerks.

And since I like to think that we’re making progress in Jordan day by day towards being a more civilized country but obviously, aside from the honor killing and domestic violence which are being fought tooth and nail, I think we should also eliminate another wide-spread and extremely annoying phenomenon: Unbelievable idiocy on the streets. And let our slogan be: Guys, this is a girl that’s walking in the street, not a yeti, it’s perfectly normal, get used to it. And oh, hollering at her or piercing your exhaust pipe to create that incredibly noisy sound isn’t going to get you anywhere.

So, just today I went with a friend to sports city to do some cycling. I like it there because it’s a healthy environment. Everyone is walking, jogging working out or playing some kind of sport or just bringing there kids to play and have a sniff of fresh air. A very healthy environment, which made it extremely annoying to have 2 guys in a car acting all childish and stupid.

You see, we were cycling in a 30km/hr speed zone while these 2 guys for some reason decided to keep coming and going by on a speed that would be more fitting for a highway. It wasn’t only annoying it was dangerous, they almost hit my friend, not to mention all the kids that were scattered here and there, I’m telling you it’s not the best place to try and break the sound barrier! I don’t know what they were thinking but if they were trying to impress anyone it was an epic fail!

So, in a social responsibility/ civil duty/ good citizen moment we decided to do the responsible (actually vindictive) thing and report them to security. I memorized the license plate number and gave it to the security guard who made a call and it the next thing you know a police pick-up was on their tail.

I think it’s about time girls, and everyone for that matter, did something about this. It’s not only about you or me it’s about the culture as a whole, I hate to see this becoming a normal thing that everyone doesn’t think much of. Anyone who picks on a girl on the street should be reported and punished. And don’t go running to your brother so that they have a fight because guys actually enjoy fighting so this only makes it worse! And don’t go commando and start shouting on them, because in some sick way they enjoy seeing a girl all fired up and shouting at them.

Remember that this is bad for you, for other girls and for your country since foreigners deal with it too which is not a very nice experience to talk about back home.

Maybe of we all took [the right kind of] action against this we wouldn’t have to deal with it in a few years, in sha’a Allah.

So let our [other] slogan be: Together for a girl-friendly jerk-proof Jordan

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  1. Salute to you on your actions, calling the polic for such idiots is the good answer, since they are looking for some love from girls, i bet they will find that love in Jail :D, but the problem is that many girls are scared to do so because they don’t want a scene so these one to be told you are makign the right thing and they deserve whatever is coming to them and the other problem would be barbie mind girls who enjoy sweet words by guys because it is better than your dignity to have guys recognize you as a barbie doll

  2. what figures your talking about? if you speak facts AND (focus here) compare it to another civilised country, i.e: USA, UK or any of your visually impaired chioces, you will find out that we are waaay more civilised. PERIOD

  3. fair enough.. no need to care and compare.. you seem to love being asulted or harressed.. at least to find a material about jordan to write negatively about!

    believe it or not, you are (and ppl who have your type) are the main reason for this “ta5alof”. there is no offense at all in this sentense, I mean: if ppl are giving (socially, not legally) the chance for scumbags to do whatever they want, it will remain forever! – gov wont at all affect the percentage, totally the opposite! it will give them a better intensive course on how to become more advanced while in jail (or police station).

  4. not at all. you should fekin beat him and his tribe, and let your family be involved in that.. in this case jo ppl do fear when it comes to families and big issues.. but not from police because they have “GARABA” 🙂

    i would accept this to any relative, and not even for myself, but i would know how to react. back in old time (more thn 20 years) we used to freak out when parents are involved in the trouble so we wont do anything crazy 🙂

  5. So according to Amr, the girl is to blame for the takhallof, and beating up the pervert is the solution to the problem? Right.

    We’re not talking about the antiquated debate of a less than decently dressed tart walking down the street, who ‘brought it on herself’. Until you are a woman, who is covered too, mind you, walking down the street and feeling less than dog turd, and even violated, by these prying eyes and disgusting comments, then you can start your judgment. Until then, what these ‘men’ are doing is nothing short of sexual harassment. Yes, the West is definitely more corrupt, but guess what, they have a legal system that takes care of scumbags and perverts. I also need to add that the majority of these cases happen to underage girls. Where I live, this constitutes as a sex offense and the perpetrator, in addition to serving time, has to register on the national sex offender annually for the rest of his life, and his whereabouts and current status are on public record forever. So, ukht America indeed, but dammit if I’m not enjoying the land of the free and its laws.

  6. Thx a bunch Ola, u did the right thing 4 sure.

    I don`t get what @Amr is trying to say, what`s his point? “if any!”

    “u r the main reason 4 this ta5allof” + “it will give them a better incentive to become more violent while in jail” <== shiklo this is way out of my league! Cause I don`t get it!

    *I amended some words.


  7. Hello Ola,

    line 27: did u mean “almost” not “always” ?
    line 45: did u mean “all” not “or” ?

    *4give my snoopiness 😀


  8. I’m sorry to hear you are being harassed in your home town like you are. Here in Australia we have more freedom of choice regarding dress standards for both male and female.

    What angers and saddens many Australians is when Muslim men/boys gang rape Australian girls saying that they deserved it because of the way they dressed.

    Where is the dignity of treating all with dignity and respect for being made in the image of God and not because of how they dress?

  9. Haitham: oops thanks 😀 edited

    Craig: Well I’m sorry to hear about this gang rape but I can assure you it has nothing to do with Islam, if some “Muslims” made that ill choice their actions do not represent Islam because Islam strictly prohibits these violations and there’s no justification for such hideous acts, much less a religious one.

    The other point is, it’s not really about dressing standards. Girls get harassed even when they are covered up from head to toe. Here in Jordan you may find all kind of people wearing all kind of clothes, foreigners included, but it’s really about the mentality of those people who harass others. But of course the more revealing or suggestive the clothes are the more likely the girl is to get harassed, that’s an undeniable fact.

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