Drama Queens for Dummies

Everyone of us has a little drama queen inside. It’s that urge to indulge in some extreme emotion, be it sadness, anger, self-pity, feeling neglected and unloved, you name it. And make no mistake, it’s not unique to women, men too have great drama queenish tendencies, it’s just that girls are more open about it.

The good news is, Male drama queens are boring, girls are more fun. So today we’re going to explore some aspects of this seemingly age-old phenomenon, but first I need to say that I’m not saying I’m above that, I do plunge into that abyss from time to time but the thing is, I try not to take it out on other people, I just retreat into my own cave, and it usually doesn’t last for long.

So, here are some of the symptoms, err, attitudes related to drama queeness:

1- The “Look at me I’m miserable” approach: You know when a girl LOVES to be sad? She loves a big scene where she’s crying her eyes out and everyone is patting her on the back and bla bla bla. Well, it happens but sometimes it really gets annoying. Beware, people could get seriously bored.

2- The “No one loves me” crap: Honestly, I can’t think of one person who no one loves. Even the most vicious, low, blood-thirsty skunks out there. So, don’t tell me no one loves you because it’s physically impossible. Now if you’re referring to the other sex then excuse my French but I find it pathetic to be all whiny and miserable because you’re not getting attention from a man.

3- The “everyone loves me” syndrome: Newsflash: if someone is being nice to you, or even extra nice, that doesn’t mean he’s head over heels in love with you, and when someone comments on your every activity on facebook that doesn’t mean he’s hooked and can’t sleep at night thinking about you. Not to burst your bubble, but although scientists are still arguing about the center of the universe, it is certainly not your highness.

4-The euphoric type: that’s an annoying one. You know when a girl is acting like a spoiled brat and when she’s so enchanted by someone that you can almost see little hearts coming out of her head. Now unless you’re a fan of overly done PDA, I think you’d be annoyed by this. And what about those little hearts you see everywhere with status messages like “I love you Folan Al-Folani” “I can’t live without you Folan Al-Folani”. Please, if I ever do this even if the person I’m referring to is the best man in the modern world, please leave me a comment saying: “Who cares?”

5- the “I’m a victim” attitude: What in the world? And by the way guys do fall in that one a lot…

Well, I just realized this could be the most drama queenish post I’ve ever written! Someone needs to relax I guess, and if you’re reading this let it be known to you that I had a good mind not to post it.


3 responses

  1. But…but.. everybody DO love me! Although they r often out there to get me; and only me! Lol, thx 3ola… enjoyed this as always.
    I agree with u that guys a drama-cases too but I guess they “we” have a less outer “taste” to it, we r drama-princesses -in the making- compared to “some” girls 😀


  2. It’s so true 🙂 I agree about the girls but I dunno about guys!! I think they have the drama queenish tendencies in the shape of sense of inferiority. 🙂

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