Godsend: A Love Letter

How you came into my life, I don’t know. You were just there, so real, so pure, so out of this world that I would stop and wonder “What did I do to deserve something so good in my life?’  but after all, do we ever deserve all the good things we have?

Maybe I can’t put it in words, for it’s not everyday that you have someone in your life that makes you feel things you never knew you were capable of feeling. You made me realize things I didn’t  know about myself, you made me dig deep into my soul to discover new depths, and unvisited dimensions. You made me unearth new sentiments I didn’t know existed within me.

You made me discover and marvel at how much love I have inside.

You made me experience the essence of unconditional love. You made me realize that the best moments in life are those where you let go of your own selfishness and suddenly it’s not about you but about someone else who you would go out of your way to make them happy. From your love of life I derive my strength, from your laughter I derive my sanity,  from your  unspoken need for affection I derive my serenity, and from your unaltered beauty I derive my faith in humanity.

You’re my light, my love, and my blood…

and I miss you like I’ve never missed anyone else

My dearest nieces Ghazal and Jana

Your loving khalto

4 responses

  1. حلو و الله
    الله يخليلك إياهم و لأهلهم

    عقبال ما تحسي بمشاعر الأمومة يا علا (لا يعادلها شيء و أكيد الكل متفق على هالإشي بس خوض التجربة غير) 😀

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