I think I found my Candidate


Yeah, if I’m voting then I might be giving this vote to this guy. Honestly, I don’t know anything about him but the thing is, he has too many torn posters on the streets, so my logic says:


1- Those who tore his posters apart apparently have issues which means he’s probably a good guy

2- Just to prove a point which is: tearing posters down doesn’t work, and hanging giant pictures probably won’t do the job either

So, thank you whoever you are, I had no idea who I was going to voe for and you gave me a hint!

9 responses

  1. I read the other day that someone was tearing up the posters for a certain candidate, he was pretty predictable in his timing so they were able to ambush him, turns out it was the print shop owner responsible for the candidate himself!
    He wanted the candidate to come back to him and print more. :S

  2. May I point out the horrible choice of picture he made for this poster? He looks like an evil doctor who sell kids’ organs (no offense to him or his supporters), again I don’t know anything about the guy wala 7atta bdi antakheb bas enno choose a decent photo!

  3. Jano: no banners don’t work, tearing them down does 😀

    Zaid & Sharif: that’s just nasty!! and sick, isn’t it?

    Kinzi: 😀

    Rand: don’t get me started on the pics!! I’m thinking of posting about that… some pics are really catastrophic if they’re trying to appeal to the voters

  4. Ok, come on,, tell us how much! 😛 “he did pay u 4 this, sa7?!”

    *last line – 1st word : vote 😀 “badaity tekraheeny wella lessa: 🙂

    **Rand, ma da5alna ,, u r GPred`ed 😛


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