Jordanian Elelctions Photo Guide

Dear candidates,

As a concerned potential voter and for the sake of avoiding visually disturbing other voters and for maximizing the HUGE effect your picture could have on people here are some suggested tips to keep in mind when posing for a picture that will be put on the street and possibly obstruct a view angle on some circle which may lead to accidents and subsequently death. Pretty simple things indeed…

1- Look at the people. Yes! Looking distant and drifted into thought may work if you’re trying to take a picture for graduation but for an election poster you need to look at the people, you need to look interested! Actually there are 2 kinds of pictures of this type I’ve seen on the streets:

– The looking away with a smile picture,which, as my brother put it, looks like a passport picture

– The looking away with a smug look: well the message that picture personally gives me is “no offence, but I’m better than you”. Lost the attitude and look at the freaking camera!

2- Whatever you do, it’s not advisable to look like you’ve been taken out of a Syrian drama series from the 80’s, meaning: lose the pale white background and the “I don’t smile for no camera” face

3- It’s nice to try to look casual as if to say “it’s cool, I’m one of you” but to a certain extent because what works for facebook may not work for an election. DUH! I mean, it’s a nice photo but seriously if it wasn’t for the suit it could’ve been a music album cover!

4- Having an “halo” around your head makes you look self-righteous.

5- It’s an election poster not a traffic sign, lose those shining ugly backgrounds!

That’s for now… I’m sure other people might have something to add

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