To Vote or not to Vote?

Thoughts on the way to the polling station, and back

“Maybe I shouldn’t vote. After all, this whole election could be a sham to make it look like we’re a big democracy while they arrested those who called for boycotting the election. So much for democracy…

Or maybe I should go and vote with a white paper. But what’s the point? It’s ridiculous… I mean, by the time you cast that empty ballet you will have been registered as a voter and thus contributed to the turnout which is what they need to make the election look successful. And even if there was a whole lot of white paper, you think they will announce that? Or will they just keep it under wraps and put whoever they want in the Parliament?

You know what, I can’t even find a good parking spot, maybe I should just turn around and leave. Wait [paranoia kicks in] what if I’m busted by the secret service one day and they find out I didn’t vote in the election? They could hold that against me! Besides, it’s an obligation after all. I mean, there will be a Parliament whether you like it or not so why not try to have a say. And those calling for boycott I respect their motives but I can’t see how’s that going to make a difference. Maybe they should’ve chosen a candidate amongst themselves and backed him up all the way to win in the election.

So, we’ve established that I’m voting, but whom will I vote for?

Maybe that Circassian candidate whose card I was given outside the polling station. They are a minority and they need some representation. But of course there’s a reserved chair for a Circassian MP…

Or maybe that woman I elected last year, and who didn’t win by the way. I have a feeling she won’t win this time too besides, won’t it be like history repeating itself? Let’s try something new

Maybe the man with the torn posters. But, I really know nothing about him…

Ah, I know! This is the one. I haven’t seen a single picture for this man on the streets, just a few posters. So he’s a minor contributor the visual littering of the city. And oh, I remember a friend once mentioning him, in a good way. It’s setteled…”

3 responses

  1. Ana bagool vote 4 the Chechen guy :Pp (no, not the sharkasian :D)

    They will bust u alright, it will hunt/haunt u 4 ever! 🙂

    *y couldn`t u just flip a coin :S

    **line 31: but NOT bit 🙂 🙂


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