For the Love of Horses… Again!


I think I may have forgotten how fun it could be to go out alone, but thanks to my busy friends, I re-discovered that.

So it’s Thursday and most people would have plans. Personally, Thursday could be the less likely day of the week for me to do anything other than going home. So, this Thursday since I finish work early I thought I’d go see the horses, and since none of my friends were available to join it was a chance to have some quality time with myself, and the horses.

I had a book with me but I didn’t spend much time reading, for when I glanced two horses grazing freely in a nearby fenced area all my senses suddenly shifted focus and carried me towards them.

This white horse walked up to me as soon as it saw me standing by. I usually like it when horses do that but there was something off about this one. It reached out with its nozzle and got too close to my face that I pulled away, and it was a good move as I found later on. That horse was trying to bite anyone, and you could tell that by looking at its ear that were slanted backwards. But that didn’t stop me from playing with it, you just have to be careful how you touch it so you!



Then, I moved over to that horse. Honestly I thought it was dead, but it turns out it was just resting! You can see it up and well in the background of the second picture


I also got to discover that horses can eat gigantic amounts of apples! I have only fed a horse once before so it was a breakthrough for me to feed a horse 6 to 7 apples at a time! The horse then went crazy for more… you need to be careful with those horses, they could get easily spoiled by treats!

Now we come to the best part. I totally fell in love with this horse. It’s called Sahara. Very friendly, and it didn’t bang the stall’s door asking for more apples! Classy… I also discovered that horses love it when you stroke their ears! It was hard walking away and leaving it, and it wasn’t just me, there was a girl I met there today who’s also obsessed with horses, so that was another good thing that happened today as I’ve made anew friend… Don’t you just love going out alone!


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