My Worst Wake up Calls


A wake up call, as everyone knows, is when you’re faced with a situation or a realization that opens your eyes to a truth you were previously blind to. Well, that’s too deep to use here, what I’m talking about here is the wake up call in its literal meaning: the things that cause you to wake up from your sleep.


So of course some people may wake up to the sound of birds, or to their child fondling their face with their tiny cute hands, or maybe a thoughtful spouse stroking their face with a rose… (Okay this is too hollywoody) Anyway… true to the very basic nature of life, that’s not always the case. Sometimes, as someone once described it, you wake up feeling like you’ve swallowed a shoe.


I’m pretty sure we’ve all have something to say about someone waking us up with a shout, or getting up all freaked out from a nightmare, something in that vicinity. So, I decided to share the top [insert number] worst ways I had to wake up by…


1- Sun: that was no fun at all, no wonder it’s topping the list! I remember I was dreaming that my eyes were burning hot and I was trying so hard to shield them, and what do you know? I woke up to find the sun shining right into my eyes. Actually, I’ve just read that sunrays are the best way to wake someone up so you don’t have to suffer that much getting your children up. BAD IDEA! Never do that to your children, never! Trust me it could border on child abuse!


2- Gagging: That was a couple of nights ago actually. I was dreaming that I’m gagging and fighting for air. When I woke up I felt like I’ve just managed to catch a breath.


3- Shouting: countless times, I don’t even need to remember that. And it’s even worse when someone goes like: “Get up! You’ll be late for work! You’ll get fired!”


4-  Sleep paralysis: Oh my God! You know when you wake up and you can hear people talking around you but you can’t move a limb or even open your eyes? I once thought that I had died!


5- Phone calls from work that tell you you’re late and then you realize you’ve slept in. Happens!


 This is what comes to mind now. What about you?

9 responses

  1. body-part Numbness! or Body-part-pain!

    those r the worst to me.. right after the shouting/Sounds wake ups :@ …

    i actually recall waking up many times to find my hand or arm so numb, i couldnt feel a thing when i pinched it! and i would panic and think i lost a body part!!

    oh..on a different note..and not really 100% related.. just something sleep-related that i hate, is when i wake up and find the keyboard printed on the side of my cheek..or square shaped engraving on my cheeks (sadly because i was sleeping with the cellphone between my face and the pillow/matters !)

  2. Oh wow so many thoughts and memories come to mind.. My mom used to wake us up hayk holds our arm or taps on it and squeezes on it with every word. Dina : squeeze 2ooomi:squeeze. As though she is talking thru her hand its easier to explain when I act it out. I discovered years later that now I o it too it’s sooooooooo annoyinggggggggggggggggg

    I remember waking up in Jordan to the sound of ra3i ilghanmat
    I hate hate hate it when the phone rings early on a weekend!!! Sometimes it’s even a wrong number!!! I love sleep but ever since lulu i wake up to all sorts of things. Her foot in my face. She yells HIiiiiiiiHiiiiiiii usually to wake me up.

    On a sad mo serious note.. The worst time ever I woke up…. Was to the sound of my mom screaming my dads name . She kept yelling his name out so loud and cried out ” is3aaaaaaaf is3aaaaaf” he was having a stroke. I woke up and I was in shock. I felt I could not move. The world was turning around me and I felt I was falling down a big hole. Allah yishfeee 😦 so anytime u wake up to anything annoying just say al hamdulilah its not a museeba wa inshala u will never ever ever experience this feeling ever.

    Sorry gadgetry kteer

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  4. You know how when dads have nothing to do they start a project that often includes hammers, drills or things of the sort? Yeah, I hate it when I wake up to the sound of a warsheh, oh God, togtogtogtogtogtog and when you wake up feeling cranky they’re like “who told you to get up?”

    That is not to mention waking up to the yelling (I’m a heavy, heavy, heavy sleeper).

    Also, there’s this one time that some douchebag called at dawn and then hung up, usually after mid-night phone calls on the landline mean one thing so I panicked, thank God it wasn’t real.

  5. Snoring, I once woke myself up from sleep because I was snoring so loud. You hear the voice of a man snoring louder and louder and eventually becomes unbearable then you wake up up realizing it was you.


  6. It’s interesting how those wake up calls range from the funny to the annoying and even scary

    Dino: I can relate to the last part. I remember waking up to the sound of phone ringing then my mother saying: he died? he died?… It was the news of my grandfather’s passing

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  8. Heard a lot bwt sleep paralysis but never experienced it!

    I think the Sun is my #1 too!

    and of course nightmares!

    Speaking of hollywoodian; it`s nice to wake up on a breakfast-on-bed “theme” 🙂 – been there done that 😀


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