On Rain

It’s raining today…

Ever walked under the rain? How powerful is the charm of those falling pearls… what nostalgic moments do they bring back with them in the  long awaited showers…

You walk on the slippery paths, that haven’t smelled of mud since long, observing the faces of those passing under the rain, wrapped in warm jackets…. It doesn’t make a big difference, because all of them have the same countenance, the expression that speaks the same amazement. They all have the same chill, shiver in a united tune, walking under the same sky and breathing the same dampness. Raindrops run down their faces like tears, and maybe, no one would differentiate between the two. A moment of liberation, a chance to escape.

It’s true that winter tucks butterflies in their buds to sleep soundly and flowers in the fields turn lifeless, but in winter, other gardens thrive and prosper… abundances of memories are awakened, and dreams are intensified.

Such is life, winter comes and winter goes. And winter, how paradoxical! Cold in the outside and warm in the inside. Frosty without and fiery within. What a wonderful way to awaken minds from their slumber! Over all the fuss, they fall, over the traffic, wedding processions, funerals, over the busy and the idle, fall the moist reminders: A new winter, again and again, all over again.

One response

  1. “winter tucks butterflies in their buds to sleep soundly and flowers in the fields turn lifeless” <== this is IT for me! 😦

    I like watching rain, not walking in/through it. It doesn`t give me ANY magical feeling, not fond of it, not sure why!


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