The Crying Horse

Have you ever seen a horse crying? Well, I did today!

We thought he was sick, but the stableman told us he was just “old and sad”

How heartbreaking is that?

5 responses

  1. Have you ever seen a frightened dog, cat, goat, sheep, etc…
    Well being afraid is a feeling, why should that be different from sadness. One could say that being afraid is a basic and intuitive behavior that is necessary for evolution and survival, and sadness is a more developed feeling that requires a higher level of emotional intelligence. Still, I do categorize horse as an emotional animal, you could see happiness in their eyes when they see their owner, the way the start jiggling around, some times just like dogs.
    It is very sad to see a horse crying, especially an old one, maybe he is tired of life, and just had enough, at least in our case humans, you just let it go by telling a friend how you feel, writing a poem or a little story, or just change the place that makes you feel that way. Could it be that we are blessed to be a free kind of animals?

  2. Horses, I think, are the most emotionally intelligent animals out there. Well, them or dolphins, not sure!

    That’s a good point, that horses have no way of expressing their sadness… I can’t wait to visit that horse again and see how he’s doing!

  3. The most emotionally intelligent? Really? I know they r clever but …

    The pic jumps at u with sadness, I agree to that 😦

    “old and sad” <== the words of the stableman ,, old = sad? <== made me think!


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