A conversation with Someone: The Common Ground

A strong gust of wind blew out of nowhere, slamming both of them against a huge rock at some distant shore. He scrambled up to his feet while she stayed on the ground, too stunned to do anything but shake the dust off her eyes. He looked around, seeing nothing but shades of blue water all around.

“Great!” He said, wringing his hands. “We’re back where we started!”

“What do you mean?” She replied tentatively. “Aren’t we supposed to be inside your head?”

Him: I thought this is your head. You’re the one with the dreamy shores and happy fish jumping in and out of water.

Her: No, it’s not me. I’m afraid and uncomfortable, and my mind is my comfort zone, this can’t be it

Him: Great! Then we’re now stuck in the middle of nowhere, thanks to you!

Her: why do you always have to blame me for everything?

Him: because you’re the one always thinking and complicating things!

Her: Well, someone has to do the thinking and obviously you weren’t capable of that

Him: of course I wasn’t, how else would I have gotten involved with you!

She gave him a look that was more of disappointment than of anger, then she turned her face towards the sea, frowning bitterly and shuddering in the cold wind. She didn’t seem to notice the sea, she just didn’t want to look at him. He felt a storm of guilt tearing through him. He walked over to hear, took off his jacket and draped it over her shoulders. A tear rolled down her cheek.

Him: I thought you’d get used to my attitude and insensitivity by now but I was wrong. You have all the right to hate me.

She didn’t say a word, and they sat in silence for a few minutes before she finally spoke.

Her: I don’t hate you.

Him: Then, why did you push me away?

Her: Because I don’t want to hate you

Him: Okay, consider this a death wish since we’re stranded on a desolate island and all: for crying out loud say one thing, just one thing that makes sense… for a change!

Her: You really don’t get it? You really haven’t figured out yet why we’re here?

Him: I don’t even know where is “here”! Enlighten me…

Her: You see, I’ve been doing much thinking lately, and every time I reach the same result. There’s one place we can be together. It’s a world where common interests don’t matter, where you don’t find the things I like boring and I don’t think the things you like are ridiculous. It’s a place where you’re all I want in this life and nothing else matters. It’s a place where dreams and emotions reign supreme and rational thinking has no place. It’s a place where our minds and hearts meet in perfect harmony, and that place is here!

Him: and what makes you so sure of that?


His eyes widened, and he felt like his feet couldn’t support his weight anymore so he fell to the ground, leaning on the solid rock behind him.

Her: And I knew that if I gave you a chance, it would most probably be a very short-lived story that would end with someone getting hurt and both of us hating each other’s guts. I thought it would be easier to nip it in the bud.

Him: But… but it wasn’t easy. I was already in love with you. The harm was already done. And you loved me… didn’t you?

She looked away, saying nothing.

Him: I see this is more than just a rhetorical question to you so I think I’m going to need an answer.

Her: Well, I said I don’t hate you, but that doesn’t mean I love you. I have never loved you. Never…

Him: You’re crazy, you don’t know what you’re saying

Her: No, look… I liked you so much. I loved the way you made me feel, I couldn’t stop smiling whenever you said something out of care and jealousy, but love… love is a big word, love is what’s left after those meager sparks go away, and it just wasn’t there

Him: You cold bi…

Her: Hey! Let’s not judge here, because if I remember well I’ve never given you so much as a flicker of hope. Ever since I felt you had feelings for me I’ve been trying to push you away, but you just couldn’t let go, and I didn’t want to hurt you…

Him: What do you care about me getting hurt? You said you enjoyed having me around so why couldn’t you just let me be until something new came your way!

Her: I couldn’t do that to you. I guess I’m not that selfish

Him: I wish you were more selfish

Her: then that wouldn’t be me as you know me, and perhaps none of this would have happened and we wouldn’t be here now

Him: But that’s unfair! You didn’t give me a chance

Her: I can’t, you know why? Because you’re a charmer. If I give you a chance that means I could forget all about this and throw rational thinking out the window and then we’d be stuck in  a relationship that is, more likely than not, doomed to failure. I knew better than to give you a chance…

Him (with a surrendered look): Why do you have to think of everything?

Her (with a tender smile): I told you, someone has to do it. Unfortunately for you, I’m too rational. Or maybe fortunately for both of us? Well, I have to admit I did have my weak moments, like when I bought you that necklace I never gave you. Now you know why I never did, because I came to my senses…

Him: I wish you had more of those moments…

Her (her smile widening now) : You’re a piece of work,  you know that?

At this moment a ship arrived at the shore. She got up and walked towards it, still carrying his jacket over her shoulders as she boarded the ship

Her: I have to go now. You should too. And I’m gonna keep this (she tapped her hand on the jacket)

He didn’t say a word, as if he wanted to let her last words to him sink deep into his memory, undisturbed even by his own voice, and as he looked on at the ship while it disappeared in the horizon, there was one thing he could think of: That ship has sailed.


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