For Currency Collectors

For some reason my brother dug up his old currency collection today. He was a collector of, well, everything that’s anything. Anyway, I found some quite interesting pieces, it was like touching tangible bits of modern history, and the nominees are…

1- A 2 piasters coin (20 fils) from Jordan, dating back to 1949. I remember the 2.5 piasters coin but I never knew there was a 2 piasters coin!

2- A ten piasters coin from The United Arab Republic, which is the union between Syria and Egypt that began in 1958 and ended in 1961, but as you can see this coin dates back to 1967 because Egypt continued to be officially known as The United Arab Republic until 1971


3- A 10 piasters banknote from Egypt, dating back to 1940

Interesting… do you have any?


2 responses

  1. The 20 fils is called قرطة

    I have old ones , but only Jordanian currencies.
    Rmmbr the half a Dinar , the brown old one! 🙂 + the 250 & 500 Fils. I got some of them too.

    Thx Ola, u made me rmmbr good times 🙂


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