Imagine the Unimaginable

I have a super power. It’s the power of imagining things that don’t exist and believe they actually could exist at some point in time.


I imagine a country with a population of a few hundred millions. They speak one language, different accents, yet they understand each other without problems. In that country, people have different believes and descend from different races, yet they have no memories of sectarian unrests and never has anyone had a racial slur thrown at them.


In this country, all children go to decent schools, there are no beggars on the streets, public libraries are always busy even on weekends and there’s no place for deadbeats because there are jobs for everyone, and everyone knows their responsibilities.


In this country, there’s no place for nepotism or bribery. In this country everyone has medical insurance yet the hospitals don’t leave people to die because they refuse to admit them unless they pay beforehand. In this country teachers realize they hold in their hands the future of generations to come, and that the students are not puppets for their amusement but the greatest responsibility of all. The state realizes that too, therefore they treat them with dignity and pay them more than decent wages.

In this country, there is no racism, no hunger, no crime, no corruption, no injustice…


In this country scientific research is key, as well as art and culture. In this country people have a voice, and the Parliament isn’t just a bunch of men in suits and fancy cars. In this country, when the people are angry, someone listens, and understands. In this country, the government isn’t afraid of the internet, the media or free speech.


In this country no one is above the law, and governments aren’t sacred.

In this country there’s no hypocrisy, no empty chants, and people never need to lie or say things they don’t mean. In this country your loyalty is determined by your actions, not by a picture on the rear glass of your car.


In this country the human is truly our most valuable asset.


This country needs no visa to visit, just a dream, some faith, and a will to make it happen.

3 responses

  1. No1 would mind living in such country 🙂 no1.
    I would settle for “public libraries are always busy even on weekends” , agollik, bekaffini enno fee libraries aslan!

    *So the solution is to redream and redream and redream!? 😦

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