It’s Complicated

You know it, the famous Facebook relationship status that is easier said than explained. Well, I don’t know if it can be considered a relationship status at all because after all you’re either single or you’re not. Newsflash: “It” shouldn’t be complicated. if “it” is complicated then “it” doesn’t exist, technically. Well, maybe “it” exists but only inside your head. So, sorry to burst your bubble but you’re, after all is said and done, are single.

So, as an effort to promote constructive sarcasm (if such a thing exists) here are a few suggestions to help decipher the ever mystic status of “it’s complicated” and what it could actually mean, if you read between the lines. Something to catch the drift if you will…

Here are the hidden messages:

1- Single, but in denial

2- Single, but too miserable to admit it

3- Single, but too proud to admit it

4- Single, but I’m such a loser magnet so I use this to keep the losers away

5- Single, but can’t get over  him/her

6- Single, but can’t get over myself

7- Single, but you see, there’s someone  I really like and I know he likes me too so I’m waiting for him to make the first step (girls)/ waiting for the right moment to make my move (guys)

8- Single, but stalking someone

9- Single, but love from one side sucks

10- Single with self-esteem issues

11- Single but considering a number of proposals

12- In a relationship, but my parents hate him/her, which actually means single

13- In a relationship with no future, which means single, again.

Anything ringing any bells here or there?

12 responses

  1. Well, my relationship says Single. I would never put something that has a hidden message, those with ‘It’s Complicated’ always give me the thought that they’re kind of negotiating their relationship somehow and it’s probably not clear either they’re single or in a relationship. Or it’s one of those options from above.

  2. I think that “it’s complicated” probably only fits people who are married, but separated and considering divorce.

    And even then, I think the status is stupid and too much “airing of dirty laundry” on the internet. IMO, folks should either put single, married or hide the option.

  3. mmm,,,very very smart article,,thanks ,,I love it ,,Ola I think that such a status reflects our human soul trying to find a way out ,,not only in being single or not ,,nothing is really clear,,

  4. I meant it could mean that, other Facebook users could be in such relationships. My point merely was that there are all kind of relationships to count between single and the classical-form relationship.

  5. im holding myself, I really want to burst your bubble here & disagree but I won’t because i’m cool like that :p

    6ayyeb barki wa7ad marato raf3a 3alaih qdeyyet khol3 ??? relationship status tkoon *ma5loo3* ???

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