100 Days of Solitude – Day 18

Solitude is often a temporary state of mind, a transitory phase between denial and acceptance.


That’s how she’s always thought of it.


But then something scary happened. Everything seemed fake and pointless and she was driven by a hunch she no longer trusted.


And then came face to face with what something  she never dreaded, because it never crossed her mind


Solitude was now a lifestyle


One response

  1. بس يا علا كل أفكارها -أو معظمها- كانت بتدلّل إنها عارفة إنو حالتها مو مؤقتة بل دائمة!
    و لو كان هذا الشيء/التفكير جله باختيارها لأنها ما كانت تقاوم -برأيي-

    شو صار؟ 🙂

    ما الجديد؟

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