Small Pleasures

Inspired t by Roba’s post

We always talk about small pleasures, but if you think of it, small pleasures make up  the bigger part of the overall  pleasures in life. I mean, what are the “big” pleasures in life? Launching a new business, having a new baby, getting a big promotion, finding the love of your life, toppling a dictator… this kind of thing. But these things don’t happen often and they certainly don’t happen to everyone, so that leaves us with the small pleasures which can occur on daily bases, anytime, anywhere, out of the blue, and which are, as Oscar Wilde put it, the last refuge from complex.

Here’s my list:

1- Catching my 3 year-old niece having a spontaneous moment of serenity. A child consumed in a book is such a sight for the sore eyes.

2- A cup of tea, anytime, anywhere.

3- Watching my brothers, who are adults by the way, wrestling (so much for don’t try it at home)

4- A brief conversation at the office that drives me to laugh until my eyes tear up.

5- Sitting around with family listening to my cousin playing Oud, with someone singing, especially someone who should be legally banned from singing.

6- Twitter conversations

7- Waking up thinking it’s time to get up and go to work only to find that it’s still the middle of night and you still have all the time in the world to sleep

8- Checking something off a checklist

9- Planning a trip

10- Cake… nuff said

And that’s just to name a few

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