One is the Lonliest Number

These are some of the pictures I took today. When I looked at them I noticed a common theme. All the things in those pictures seem either too lonely or too distant. Yet, for some reason don’t they don’t look sad (except for the horse, or maybe because I have a soft spot for horses), it’s like they are not waiting for anything, just standing their ground, basking in their solitude.

في اللا انتظار أكون نهراً، لا أقسو على نفسي، ولا أقسو على أحد، وأنجو من سؤال فادح: ماذا تريد ماذا تريد؟ 

محمود درويش

This little kitten is up for adoption. It’s a perky one! Contact me if interested


3 responses

  1. One is the Lonliest Number <== a "sad" cliché
    your words about it is NOT 🙂

    * no pic 4 the kitten? me not interested though 😀

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