Get a Life or Die Trying

It’s been an unusual year so far. All these revolutions and the establishment of the Island of Misfit Dictators, the wind of change blowing our way, can’t even say it’s a dream come true because I’m sure most people didn’t see it coming in their wildest dreams. Yet, in the midst of this surge of national pride, some things never change,  such as the willingness of some people to put the same amount of energy needed to fuel a revolution into something as trivial as arguing over a football match.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of football. I find it a great display of synergy, coordination and harmony. Some people might argue that it’s stupid to have 22 people going after a ball trying to get it into a net, but I wouldn’t put it like that. Nothing is that superficial, unless you choose to see it that way. After all, isn’t that what we all do? We set goals for ourselves and we spend our lives trying to achieve them, it’s all connected. So, in my humble opinion, football is a great sport and a major source of entertainment. But that’s the keyword: Entertainment.

I don’t know about you but entertainment is something I enjoy and then I move on with my life. You don’t build your life around entertainment. You don’t make it the epicenter of your whole being. The world doesn’t come to a sudden halt just because someone lost a game. And most importantly, “Loyalty” is a big word, too big to associate it with a football team let alone one that you have absolutely nothing to do with, it’s not even in your country! So correct me if I’m wrong but to have people selling Real Madrid and FC Barcelona flags on the streets while just last week they were selling Jordanian flags is kind of  insulting.

I’m not going to deny it, I’m a Barcelona fan, I feel bad when Barcelona loses a match but the universe doesn’t suddenly become a pitch black hole of nothingness, life goes on. No one can win all the time – Although this seems to be the case sometimes- but after all it’s all about enjoying a nice thrilling game. So to see that my friends who are Real Madrid fans insist on dwelling on their first victory over Barcelona in almost 3 years as if they have won 10-0, not 1-0 in the last minute, it’s kind of funny actually, because it looks as though they can’t believe it. So, stop it, it makes you look really bad. Same goes to my fellow Barca fans who won’t let go every time Barca wins. Don’t milk it, it could backfire.

So, to all those who weren’t born in Madrid or Barcelona, Never breathed the fresh free air of Catalonia or took in the sweet aroma of the flowers of Madrid and who absolutely have no shares in either club hence no financial gain is expected of any wins or losses yet they insist on making a football match their main source of satisfaction in life and their biggest distraction to forget about whatever they don’t want to deal with, to those I say: Get a life or die trying

8 responses

  1. and you decided to write this only when Braca lost 😎 haha

    I agree…Football is fun, just like everything else. Bas yegleb el mawdoo3 3ala ta5allof then we need to stop !

  2. these people are really annoying specially in universities.

    where i study (at JUST), half of them cant spell the names of the players right, but they are shouting as if they were from spain.

    not mentioning the people who wear a 2 jd polystrene shirt in a sunny day. OMG that smell cant be described =/

  3. I like what you wrote , but sometimes u expect from smth u love to cheer u up , and u will do anything to motivate it – it might be useless – but that’s what we have .
    Yes sometimes people over react with this . But what do expect from someone who used to support a team for more than 10 years , it will become a habit .

    Thank u so much for this post ! And by the way I’m a real madrid fan 🙂

  4. this is outta “context” shway 😀 , so 4gv me,,

    have u read protocols of the elders of Zion?

    the part where what sports “are” ?

    just a Q.

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