Not-so-ordinary Jordanians

Question: what’s the most important resource in Jordan? Well, it must be quite obvious. We’re not an oil rich country (don’t let the new GCC status fool you) and we’re not exactly headlining the G8 conferences and please let’s turn a blind eye to the water resources for the moment, we can cry over that later. So, that leaves us with our most precious resource: the people.

It’s true. Just look around you, you must know a bunch of talented/active/impressive/hard-working people. I know I do! And most of the time these are not famous people, not even micro celebrities. They are ordinary citizens who are doing something to improve their society, empower people and have ideas that deserve to be heard and shared with others.

Be that as it may, I was thinking that those people’s efforts and creative ideas should be acknowledged so I had this idea which is to write a weekly post about one Jordanian citizen who’s making, or at least trying to make a difference. In other words, it’s an article about ordinary citizens who are doing extraordinary things or have extraordinary ideas. And it’s not about publicity; it’s about getting ideas across and spreading positive vibes by focusing on those people who can set an example for others.

I have some people in mind  and if there’s anyone you think is a good candidate for this, and I’m sure you do, we all do, then please do send me their contact information because I would love to get in touch with them and write about them.

Stay tuned, I will kick it off on Sunday in sha’a Allah with the first article about the first of many not-so-ordinary Jordanians, and it’s a girl by the way… it had to be!

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